Innovative Electronic Gadgets

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Innovative Electronic USB-Gadget two in one

 This Innovative Electronic Gadget original device combines the function of a small usb-fan with a clock. The blades are made of soft plastic to avoid trauma, and equipped with a matrix of LEDs. When you rotate it creates a bright display through

Innovative electronic Wireless Led-display for Clothes

Company Erogear presented the Innovative electronic gdgets project Kickstarter flexible portable LED display that can be used as part of your imagination – as information board or as a bright accessory in clothes. The device is controlled from a tablet or smartphone over Bluetooth, weighs 32 grams, has a 32-bit microprocessor, flash memory and power supply. The thickness of the profile is only 2 mm. Using a special application, you can send not only the sensor data, which may be important for athletes, but also a variety of animated images. There are options for sizes 11 x 11 and 3 x 5 inches. Sales will begin in early 2014

Innovative electronic Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

The next, Innovative electronic gadget
well made the peripheral device submitted company Logitech. The Swiss brand is not the first time produces a similar product and is very unfortunate that such toys can meet still too rare. We are talking about a wireless keyboard that is equipped with built-in touchpad. The device has received a modest model index TK820.
The manufacturer assures us that instead of the traditional numeric keypad on the keyboard is placed not just a touchpad, and a full-fledged tablet, and this is confirmed by the device name. According to Logitech, the letters TK in the model index symbolize Tablet Keyboard, ie "tablet-keyboard." In addition to a large touchpad, this element can also boast the original functional features.

The Innovative elctronic touchpad Logitech TK820 supports up to 13 specific gestural commands that are configured with the utility company Logitech SetPoint. Another undoubted advantage of the device is the ergonomics of the keyboard, neat and comfortable keys with a concave surface. 

Innovative Electronic Charging Clip for Smartphone

This Innovative
electronic gadget should be in every cyclist. Charging clip – a mini charger for your smartphone, which is mounted on bicycle wheel and, interacting with spokes, gathers energy. Apart from the fact that the clip will help keep your phone constantly charged during long trips, it creates funny light drawing during the trip. 

Innovative Electronic Portable Mcrowave

Innovative Electronic Micro – is a portable microwave oven that is able to work as a grill. At work,can be difficult to get adequate food, so many resort to fast food. So designers try to offer such options that promote healthy eating. Grill, is certainly good, but the portable microwave adds more options to prepare healthy meals and instant. 

Programmable Innovative Electronic Pressure Cooker with Touch Control

In Innovative Electronic Gadgets Modern technology has become the standard for all consumer products, including kitchen gadgets. This multi-function pressure cooker has a Teflon coating company DuPont, cover with automatic locking, pressure regulator, and a temperature sensor. The housing is made of stainless steel.

First Innovative Electronic Gadget for Weight Lifters

PUSH is positioned as the world’s first innovative electronic
gadget for weight lifters, which allows you to track and analyze the strength, power and speed, ensuring that your learning is optimized. The device connects to smartphones on iOS and Android, and provides statistical information about training and recommendations to increase efficiency. The emergence of PUSH in sale is expected in April 2014.

Innovative Android Module

The ‘wimm’ modules innovative electronic gadgets are meant for integration in a range of products and uses, ranging from use as pendants and keychains to mounting on bicycle handlebars to embedding in wallets or electronic gadgets. possible applications include use as calendars and appointment books, pedometers, calorie counters and other health trackers, mobile payment solutions, music and video players, file storage, and universal remotes. 
Featuring for innovative electronic gadgets wimm a 1-inch square, full-colour 160 x 160-pixel capacitive touchscreen, the wifi and bluetooth -ready modules feature a built-in accelerometer and magnetometer. they run an android-based operating system, compatible with android, blackberry, and iOS devices, and designed for easy application development. The ‘wimm’ module has been developed by wimm labs.  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Innovative Pebble Pro Netbook Charger Gadget

I know that the introduction of innovative gadgets tablets has seen the netbook market somewhat cannibalized, and suddenly, these lightweight innovative devices are not all that desirable after all. You cannot really fire them up in a jiffy to access your email or play some casual games, but at least it gets the job done when you have a lengthy document to type, and using a virtual keyboard just does not quite make the cut. This is where the netbook still maintains its relevance, and if you recently unwrapped a netbook under the Christmas tree, you might want to consider picking up the innovative gadget Pebble Pro Netbook Charger – just in case you actually are about to run out of juice while you are working on that particular document. This is certainly an essential tool to carry around, since there is far less cables to worry about considering it comes with just one connecting cable (USB on one end, with multiple connectors for you to slip on on the other). The 13,200mAh battery is said to offer a standard netbook up to 5 hours of additional battery life, while an iPhone can be juiced more than ten times! Definitely the perfect purchase for frequent travelers.

Innovative Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch Gadget

Marking your innovative gadgets workout’s progress can be quite a chore, but then again, I supposed if you have the discipline to work out each day without having to drag yourself out of bed, keeping track of your health record should not be too hard to do. The Innovative gadgets Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch might help you out here, where it enables easy monitoring of your heart rate in order to maintain and improve on your cardio intensity target. Basically, the Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch delivers an accurate reading to you without the need to wear an uncomfortable chest strap, and neither do you need to fiddle around with a wide range of function buttons while ensuring your activity level remains at the same, high intensity pace. All you need to do is touch The Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch’s bezel, and within seconds, you will be able to see what your current heart rate is. The LCD display is a snap to read, and it also doubles up as a watch, calendar and stopwatch. Love exercising at dusk? Fret not, there is a light-up display to help you there. Since the New Year is tonight, why not make a resolution and sweat away those pounds in 2012, with the help of the Touch Screen Heart Rate Watch?

Rainbow Candles - Remote Control Colour Changing LED Wax Candles

These two innovative gadgets Rainbow Candles are real wax colour changing flameless candles which are operated by remote control. You can set them to stay on for four or eight hours, guaranteeing a gentle glow to create the perfect ambience and add real soothing tranquillity to any room. Using the remote control, you can change the brightness of the candles or set them to flicker or provide a steady glow. These flameless battery operated candles are ideal for use around the home where children or pets are present without the risk of a naked flame. An ideal gift for anyone looking to add some stylish accessories to their living space, these Remote Control Rainbow Candles help to create a beautiful aura in any room. Innovative gadgets Rainbow Candles Features Two flameless colour changing candles Safe for use around pets and children Each candle glows for up to 50,000 hours Remote control operation 4 and 8 Hour timer for automatic operation

Innovative Music Radio - USB FM Transmitter

My Music Radio is an innovative gadget USB device which allows you to broadcast the Music from your PC to FM Radios within your home or office – completely wirelessly. Play Music from any of your PC based playlists such as iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, mediaplayer and all others direct to your Home Entertainment System or Radio Watch Movies with the sound playing through any radio receiving home entertainment system (via FM tuning). Play internet radio directly with pre-installed 20,000 stations from around the world, direct to your Stereo Systems (via FM tuning). innovative gadget Music Radio Features: Software auto-runs - no installation necessary. USB Audio Device with high quality FM Transmitter. Auto Scan. Broadcast distance: Indoor 5-8M within same area. Supports FM Radio Mono and Stereo. Supports Radio frequency USA/Europe/Taiwan: 88-108MHz. Supports over 20,000 radio stations Supports station search and favourite collections Select popular stations from different regions and genre.

I Music Shower Gel Shower MP3 Player Gadget

At last you can listen to your favourite tunes in the shower! The iMusic Shower Gel Shower MP3 Player hangs from a normal shower gel hook allowing for easy location when wanting to change track or volume and your eyes are full of soap. Water resistant so suitable for bathroom use, you can now sing along to your favourite tracks whilst bathing. Your tunes are played through the speaker embedded in the centre of the MP3 player, with the touch sensitive play, next, last and volume controls all located on the front for easy operation. A novel gift perfect for any music fan who likes to sing along in the bath or shower. Shower Gel Shower MP3 player Features: Novel bathroom shower MP3 player Sing along to your favourite music in the bath or shower Simple to operate with touch sensitive controls A topical addition to the bathroom NB: Requires SD Memory Card. Requires 3 x AAA batteries.

Flame Handwarmers Gadget

This twin innovative gadget pack of hand warmers will bring a little heat into your life on the coldest days. Simply activate them at a flick of button and feel the benefit of the instant heat. Small and portable these can come in very handy! Features: - Heat when you need it at a click of a button. Radiates heat at 54 deg C for up to 45 minutes. -Simply Click the metal disc and a chain reaction takes place producing heat! -Easy to use. -Can be reused again and again!

Innovative Hexbug Inchworm Gadget

The robotic creature that you control. this innovative gadget you can control. Crawling bugs 2 IR channel remote control Change its direction; 7-way steering Fits in your hand Batteries included Recommended for Children 14+